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A sense of place. Have you ever felt it?

Dorset Coastal Path

Sometimes a vibration comes from the land or pulses from the walls of a building. The traveller feels a flutter as something passes through their soul. It cannot be understood, it’s just a feeling.

Sometimes extraordinary things happen, and the places where they played out helps us to remember. Other places are defined by their natural beauty. Just as enthralling are gathering places where tribes once feasted or marked the seasons. In modern times a place may hold the memory of a festival, home to a fantastic musical performance. There are many quests, many moments that define a place as historical, spiritual or beautiful. All qualify for a stop off on the UK Hippy Trail.

Whether a 21st century hippy or an elder from the 1960s and 70s, all hippies share a love of beauty and a passion to reconnect with the land – to acknowledge Mother Earth. All who are spiritually in tune are welcome to this site.

Langton Mantravers Church, Dorset

There have been academic discussions about what makes a hippy. People can dip in or out, it is only a label. Psychologically one would expect a hippy-type person to marvel at a space that is natural, or shows creativity or makes a positive impression. Basically the hippy label is less about a person’s image and more about their attitude. Hippies accept the weird and wonderful and view all humanity as brothers and sisters, even those they consider to be “lost”. There is also the iron rule : Every traveller has a personal responsibility to remove any rubbish they bring along and leave no sign of their visit. Hippies pass over and never pollute.

At one time, those on the Hippy Trails traded beads and made hair wraps. They meditated in caves and travelled for miles through deserts on dusty buses. In the UK expect a few hot spots, where traveller nods to traveller, and be prepared for tourists and ticket prices. Things have changed.

Langton Mantravers Museum, Dorset

To hit any Hippy Trail a person needs to be open, willing to learn new things, be excited to meet people and appreciate the whole experience of ‘seeking’. Awareness is key, from feeling the breeze on your skin, to appreciating a cloudy sky or a cold moon. Tuning in to nature and learning from history are worthy attributes, be prepared to find these two key ingredients on the UK Hippy Trail as we report our intrepid wanderings.

This website will bring you places with ancient foundations or that have a profound effect on the human psych. We preserve the hippy spirit as modern life entices us to the shopping mall instead of encouraging a walk though nature. The UK Hippy Trail salutes seekers and original thinkers, informs philosophers and enables dreamers. Inspirational places are out there, we can show you where!

Misty Tarot Cloud

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